Most people don’t worry about cancer until they are much older.

Unfortunately, at the young age of eight, learned the destructive force of cancer.

My mother had not one.  Or two.  But three types of cancer so forth.  It runs in my family.  The first for my mother, was ovarian cancer.  This is around the age of twenty eight; which is my current age.  My mother had her ovary surgically removed.

Second, thyroid cancer, ten years down the line.  I am told, if you had to have a treatable cancer, this is the one you wish you could get.  Rather than skin cancer or worse.  So I’m told.  Cancer in any form, even treatable, is still the worst type of news.

Thirdly, Thyroid cancer, aggressively becoming breast cancer.  Also, roughly ten years from her last.  This was the first time that she ever had chemo done.

We were fortunate enough that she is in remission.  She is stronger than I have ever imagined and I am so proud of her.  She can have the world as her playground again.

I had my first scare in Middle School.  Found out it was nothing.  But now I have another scare, from yesterday, and healthcare is getting particularly difficult.

I guess that’s why I couldn’t sleep last night.


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