Catherine French

I classify myself as a new age savings hoarder.

I am unlike the hoarders you see in shows.  No newspapers stacked high.  No hidden belongings, assume that are valuable but truly are not, stuffed where no one can see them.  No random, what looks like half eaten food, sitting out in the open being held like a medal.

I hoard of things that can be as gifts or stuff that is useful in the near future.

I am a messy person in my own room.  Outside said room, I have an over compulsive disorder of clean.  Which sounds like a made up character, I guess I am.

The hoarding stems from my parentals.  The only messy in my room and clean everywhere else, stems from cleaning the house at a young age and hating it.  The savings, I’m poor.

A good recent example.  I work at a grocery store that gives us a discount card.  We have a massive beer sale.  I saved sixty percent on beer with sale and discount card, I might have gotten over thirty cases.  Held in my room.  To bring to parties I’ve been invited to or hangouts.

Does that make sense?


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