I’ve never had a problem with tinted windows in cars.  I know some of the uses of it.  However I’ve never had it, until my CRZ.

I find it useful, but mainly because I’m an Asian American Female Driver.

Not implying that, I myself am a terrible driver.  I follow the rules of driving in my state laws by day.  And by planned out nights, go racing on private streets with different car groups (whole shabang, walkie talkies in all the cars and we signal if there is a lone driver minding their own business who wander down our current location. We have also veterans who driven enough to know when someone is under the influence and call law enforcement of said under the influence person driving).  We just do things differently.

It’s everybody else that are terrible drivers.  Even so, they always peered into my Prelude Everytime they almost hit my car but think I am in the wrong.  They see my hair or face and typecast right away.  This is infuriating.  The hateful glances….”oh it’s a woman” expression against their face.  “But of course, Asian!” With their middle fingers in the air.

I’m going to be investing in a dash cam of the shit I have to put up with (excuse my language).

With the tinted windows, for the first time I was enthralled that people trying to peer into my car could not see me.

Recently this SUV was next to me.  Instead of following the rules of turn signal, pause, look over shoulder and cross–this man had the nerve to cut the middle two out.  I almost got slammed into because he turned a signal and went at the same time.  Startled by almost hitting me, I passed him and he chased me down.  Before his exit he got close to my car and tried to look at me through the window but did not see me and I never saw him past that.

Sorry for the rant. As well if you follow me, you’ll hear me talk about cars a lot.

That, and food.


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