Back in December, I started working for a small company that I am currently in.  Even now as I type, I’m in the office on my break.  Out of all the companies I have ever worked for, there is so much that goes into a small company that I really appreciate.

My opinion matters.  You would be surprise how much your word never gets heard.  Or lost in the dust or not even a ping in someones mind.  But when you work in a small company, everyone’s opinion and concerns gets heard.  Feel valued.  There is no “oh you’re sick, do you have a doctors note?” Or “what do you mean you cannot come in today?” Granted that I never call out when there is something extremely important.  But even so, there is no guilt trip if I ever do.  If there is an emergency, I don’t get penalized for it later.  The small company mentality is literally, you are one of the family.  And the genuinely care about you.
We are technically a company of five.  The original two is my CEO and COO.  The two of them have had a lot of ups and downs with “professionals” but once they started working with individuals that was gaining experience instead of something having already established, they found that it was better.

I can tell you somethings that I’ve heard from those two.  They brought in people who tried to take over the company.  Or people who tried to steal secrets.  One person was actually working for us as well working for our competitor.  You would never imagine people who would want to ruin a small company.  But lo’ and behold it was happening to them.  People with experience screwing over these two.

I’ve been working with the company for almost half a year right now, and I could never imagine taking over someones else’s hard work.


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