I always find it horrendously amusing that the stigma of driving a manual car is only to one gender.  And if the other gender so happens to drive a manual car, it is like an anomaly.  Many of my friends find it strange that I want to drive a stick shift.  My first car that I ever got was a DOHC 88 Prelude 2.0 Si 4WS manual.  Even so, my new car is a Hybrid CR-Z EX Manual Transmission (which is very hard to find in my area).  Yes, you read right; Hybrid Manual Car.  No offense to those Automatic CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission).

Not like I cannot drive an automatic car, I just choose not to.  Few reasons.  Harder to steal for most thieves if they have never learned how to drive a manual car.  During a Zombie Apocalypse, if you are stuck with one car and it just so happens to be a manual, you are duely covered.  Helps you understand shifting gears on a motorcycle (or vice versa if you did motocross at a young age and learning to drive stick).  I like to be intuned with my car, as well the feel of the revs each time I shift into gear or depress.


“Everyone should know how to drive a stick” was written in my memories from an old friend.  I believe it just stuck with me forever, not sure why.



As being a foodie, and always wanting to open up my own restaurant someday.  I’m coming up with ideas of what I want my restaurant will serve. I have a couple of dishes I know for sure I’ll serve that will be a staple.

I pondered the many foodventures I have been on locally.  I thought of all my favorite Korean fusion or Greek American places.  Famous sandwiches and unique drinks.

But realize one thing.
There is no take on Mexican Fusion Brick and Mortar.  I even brought this up to one of my boyfriends friend, who cooks on the daily, and he got confused of what I was trying to say.  He brought up a variety of Asian Fusion or American Fusion, that integrate their recipes into Mexican dishes.  But as I pointed out to him, there was no real Mexican dishes fused into other dishes.

No Carne Asada Bao* No Salsa Fresca Bruschetta* No Elote Creamy Salad*  No Verde Pollo Vermicilli Spring Rolls*  No Menudo Bun Bo Hue*

I’ve been compiling a list and maybe some of them will work out.  Maybe all of them will work out.

My future restaurant is going to be awesome.  Or I hope it is, I need to be successful enough to do so.  If anybody wants to be my financial partner, I’ll gladly team up.

*Disclaimer: Please do not take any of my ideas. I’ve worked very hard on coming up with recipes.


I knew from our interactions
as stagnant as they were
That something will interlock between us

New tidings of a fresh relationship
on our mentally challenging vertical horizon
upon our passing ships, stopped to board one another

The Universe knew from the beginning
that our trials that failed previously
is not our undoing but the beginning of something new.